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11, 12, 2016

Vilnius, Lithuania: a long weekend

img_2130I’m having something of a Baltic moment right now. Perhaps it’s that the countries’ intrigue and flight prices are inversely proportionate; or perhaps I’m pursuing festivity. Either way, a mere fortnight after returning from Latvia, I found myself landing back in the Baltics; this time, the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius.... Read More

13, 11, 2016

Day two in Riga: (one too many) winter warmers

I’ve been back in the UK for a few days now and fuck me, the world’s gone bloody bonkers. Politically, I’m scared of commitment (you’ll never hear me say “I’m Labour,” “I’m Lib Dem,” and never, ever “I’m Tory”) but, as a left-leaner, I’ve been asking myself some pretty big questions this week: why are people with right wing views (which are no less valid than left ones) too afraid to admit to the pollsters who they’re really voting for? Have we all shot ourselves in the foot by demonising people who sit too far away on the political spectrum? Have we been too quick to assume that “you’re racist” is the end of the conversation? Have we stopped discussing, arguing, because we look down on the right? Have the right stopped discussing, arguing with us because we wrongfully call them racists and bigots? Have we become so reductive that we think left = socially responsible and right = socially irresponsible? And for the love of God, when has anyone been persuaded by being lambasted as a deplorable, boneheaded racist?... Read More

07, 11, 2016

Day one in Riga, our winter wonderland

img_0817When my longest-standing friend Donna and I were waiting for our flight from snow-topped Riga to just-plain-windy London, I timed how long she would laugh after looking at the front of her own passport. It was 5 minutes 21 seconds. Homegirl is batshit crazy but that’s the kind of comrade I need to see me through -7C temperatures, measure-happy barmen and frostbitten extremities.... Read More

15, 10, 2016

The Swede life: first impressions of Gothenburg

img_0277When a country’s signature pastime is fika – group socialising over cards, conversation and coffee – it might seem a peculiar choice for a solo trip. But hej, earlier this year I decided to continue being impulsive in travel and after one particularly hectic morning at work, I stayed true to this by booking the cheapest flight to a place I’d never been before on my next free weekend. Oh hej, Gothenburg!... Read More

29, 08, 2016

Bitches be trippin’: Rock en Seine 2016

Arts End of Nowhere Rock en SeineIn my grimy, grunger, never-quite-sober days, there wasn’t a Reading Festival I’d have missed for the world. For a brief period in my teens, I was an avid festival goer; making bad decision after bad decision to the backdrop of heavy guitars and teen angst. When my own teen angst subsided, I stopped going to festivals – not by conscious decision, but due to an alleged lack of funds and appreciation for the almost constant time off one is awarded for deciding to study Art History (nice choice, A).... Read More

25, 08, 2016

Paris is always a good idea

IMG_5616Audrey Hepburn wouldn’t have let anyone tell her otherwise, and nor should we.... Read More

14, 04, 2016

Writer’s block.

writers-blockTitting, sodding writer’s block. It’s my lame excuse for the poorly-executed, rarely-posted content of late. That is all.... Read More

05, 04, 2016

Local lunch spots: Counter Vauxhall

DSC_0034Considering all I’ve been posting about is my galavants around sunny California, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I’m still freelancing from wherever I do so please. Holing up in coffee shops in Seoul and write-write-writing was fun for a while, but doing the same in London was different. I think I was bored. When you take the-ability-to-travel out of the mix, freelancing on your tod gets old fast. So off I trundled, back into the world of traditional employment and for the past month or so, I’ve been working in Vauxhall. Despite living a 30 minute walk away, it’s not a part of London I’ve explored before so I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for new eateries to try. First up: Counter Vauxhall.... Read More

28, 03, 2016

Secret Cinema X: a total let-down. And I truly hate to say that.

secret cinema xI’ve been wondering whether to post about this. Usually, my blogging mantra is that I try not to discourage any young creative person or company by giving them a ‘bad review’ if I have a less-than-stellar experience. Instead, I try to thank the PR for his or her time, and let them know what I would have changed about the experience in order to do an honest and gleaming write-up. I pretty much stick to this and it’s always worked out for the best: they’ll take the comments on board and let me know how they’ll ensure others (particularly paying customers) will get a better time. This one’s different though (partially because I attended as a normal, paying guest and have absolutely no affiliation with the company or its PR team whatsoever). I’ve had one prior experience of the Secret Cinema in London, and it was mind-blowing. The small handful of others I know who’ve been have shared my thoughts: this is one hell of a company, offering something to London that no one else in the world has.... Read More

14, 03, 2016

California road trip, part two: the Malibu, Santa Barbara, Cambria & Carmel-by-the-sea bit

Santa Barbara Arts End of NowhereAfter a brief dalliance with Los Angeles on the first step of our California road trip, the three of us bundled ourselves up in the Toyota Yaris (RIP, dreams of winding around California’s snake-like coastline in a stretch Hummer) and started to make the long, slow journey up to San Francisco. Except it wasn’t long and slow; we didn’t stay anywhere longer than 36 hours and by Californian standards*, that’s lightning speed. So to amend, off we hurried to Malibu, after hearing tales of its tasty, tasty seafood.... Read More

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