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Those who sat the English Language GCSE papers in the UK in the mid-noughties will remember that one paper required some long-form prose based around a description, explanation or some other tosh. I think I’d kind of ‘checked out’ of school by the time I opened my exam paper* but the teen narcissist inside (and very much on the surface, actually) was hopping with glee when she saw that one of the optional tasks was to ‘Describe yourself’. I chose it without a second thought.

Pen to paper, I started scribbling down my wholly uninteresting life story with more than a pinch of storyteller’s licence. Ten minutes before the finishing bell was due to ring, I re-read it, and was devastated. It was shit. I hadn’t described myself at all. I’d basically listed out a big bunch of hilarious activities** I was getting up to with my then partner-in-crime, Lulu (spoiler alert: we’re still inseparable).

The idea of being given free reign to talk ‘about me’ has since given me a dreadful feeling. When it comes down to it, I’ve got that British curse of self-deprecation mixed with a reluctance to talk about oneself. As you can see elsewhere on this blog, I’m the first to rave about a sumptuous menu or enlightening photography exhibition, but actually talking about myself? Publicly? No. Cringe.

Alas, alack; I ought to at least give you a little insight into who I am. I’ll stick it in bullet form. It’s quicker to bash out on the keyboard, and then I can go back to writing fun, pithy blogs about exactly where I intend to travel to next.

  • Cornish. Really, really Cornish. As with all Cornish people, I talk about being Cornish a lot.
  • Live in Camberwell, London. My flat is my baby and I’m always renovating.
  • My housemate is my extra-cuddly Chinchilla Persian kitten (lilac colourpoint; meaning her paws, tail, ears and nose are lilac). She’s called Disco. I named her after one of my favourite songs ever, Disco 2000 by Pulp.
  • Art geek. Studied it at York for three years, culminating in what I thought was a very well-researched dissertation. It took me into the home of a man I have since discovered was a listed sex pest (but I had the foresight to bring my hulking father with me as protection), to interview him about my subject: an artist who was also a rumoured sex pest. And they say Art History is boring…
  • Really into writing. Like, a lot. Have blogged since 2003; kept many, many journals throughout my life; am featured in a bunch of anthologies in the British Library. Don’t get me wrong, each of my poems is cringier than the last.
  • Apt, then, that I’ve been working in content production for six years. I now run Broca Creative, which provides content marketing for UK small businesses.
  • For work or for play, I travel a helluva lot. I try to visit a new place every month (because I get cabin fever that easily).

So there you have it. A bunch of truncated sentences that ought to give you some insight into who I am, and exactly why I presume to tell the internet about every meal, country, and artwork I rate.

*I checked back in for A Levels, and absolutely smashed it with a small handful of 100%s (though I think that had less to do with my dedication to academia than it did to do with my insistence to stick it to the people who told me that moving to a less traditional school was a bad idea).

**If I wasn’t afraid of being a) disowned by my parents or b) arrested, I’d publish the full teenage diaries of Lulu Maling and Amy Smith in a heartbeat. They’re fricking hilarious. And, from 2005, I quote: “he threatened us with a samurai sword, so we responded by vomiting in and around his house”. Her words, not mine. Mum, please don’t disown me. 



I imagine that awkward rambling will have made for ample scroll-bait, so if you’re just interested in what this blog is, here goes:

It’s travel, it’s art and it’s food; all with a laissez faire, luxuriant vibe. 

Find me publicly on @amyjbsmith, professionally at brocacreative.co or privately at amy@artsendofnowhere.co.uk xx


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  1. Jane says:

    I could not refrain from commenting. Very well written!

  2. Glad to have you with the IBA Amy! I love your Instagram account. You have a new follower 🙂

  3. You are a very clever individual!

  4. Hello. fantastic job. I did not anticipate this. This is a fantastic story. Thanks!

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