Helsinki: starting our Finnish adventure

My Cornish, do-it-dreckly nature is five-and-a-half feet deep. It’s not dead, and I’ve no doubt it’ll come back to life, but right now it’s buried a hard, ratrace-weathered shell. I’m at a time in my life where everything’s quicker and more concise: my relationships, my adventures, and my social media posts (goodbye, lengthy MySpace bulletins of 2004; hello, 140 characters or less). Blink and you’ll miss it, because right now I’m (sorrowfully) going at a hundred miles an hour.

Maybe that’d explain how I got to the airport and realised I’d forgotten to book a place to stay in Helsinki. Honestly. Between my far-cleverer-than-I father and myself, you’d have thought one of us would have remembered to book a hotel.

Classic pair of ENFPs on tour.

Booking a Helsinki hotel on the fly

Cue a frantic rush to search for a central, a-touch-above-pleasant hotel room that – crucially – had twin, rather than double, beds (come on; we’re not that Cornish). Picture dad, rushing aboard the aircraft to stake a claim on some prime overhead real estate while I flounder around on Last Minute’s app, making grand assumptions that Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Helsinki would provide us a sufficient port in our proverbial storm.

<small>(Grand assumption: affirmed)

Starting on a high with Finnair

Call me presumptuous, but I liked Finland before I even arrived.

As my new years’ resolution was to travel to a new country every month, I’ve been keeping costs down by flying Ryanair almost every time. Its fluorescent yellow interior is an assault on the senses; one that seems to prevent any restorative sleep by somehow penetrating closed eyelids. By stark contrast, my Finnair flight was pleasant from start to finish (Finnish? Har har har). Just look at that legroom.

Ok, we were in the emergency exit seats but after a particularly emphatic gym session the day before, I appreciated the space to stretch.

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By reputation, of course

Visiting a country that specialises in ‘silence retreats’ is a fool-safe plan for a knackered Londoner so, despite Finland being known for its hip contributions to tech, I’m taking the opportunity to switch off*. With 188,000 lakes and 76% of its landmass covered in pine, spruce or birch, I’m already turning my attention out of the capital and into the wilderness.

<small>*Within reason…

I’ve been in Finland for a grand total of 90 minutes so far but I already feel ready to rest, relax, and recharge. Maybe that do-it-dreckly nature is only five-foot-under now.


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