5 of the most inspiring travel bloggers

London travel blogger Arts End of NowhereTravel bloggers have a lot to answer for. Before my pal Ally T returned from his travels and showed me the turtle picture that led me to quit my job and buy a one way ticket to Bangkok, that wanderlust had been simmering under the surface for years as a result of scrolling through my social media feeds and lingering over the best travel inspiration out there. Is it just me, or has travel content on the interwebs just sky-rocketed (ha) this past year? Recently, I was scrolling through my Insta feed (which, admittedly, is almost exclusively filled with the snaps of travellers) and after one particularly snowy scene of Lake Bled from @theculturetrip, I decided that this year, nay, this MONTH*, I absolutely will go to Slovenia. I will. I will, I will, I will.

*probably not, if my fast-depleting bank balance has anything to say about it

Anyway, I thought it was high time I showed a little love to the travel bloggers who are sending me to the Skyscanner app a little more frequently than I can afford.

Moon + Forest

Manchester-based Sarah’s posts are quietly ambitious, and the girl has seriously good taste in travel. And music (girl’s a fellow Decemberists fan!). Last year’s trips were Euro-centric and she picked some spots with amazing history – Scotland, Romania, Turkey…

Favourite post: Istanbul photo diary. “Where else in the world could I say I’d been hustled by an old man in a fez and his seven cats?”

Not At Her Desk

I met Weronika at the superb Lazy Fox Hostel in Seoul. We only shared a room for a night before she was off to China (and frantically getting her scheduling done in fear of the lack of connectivity in China), but I’ve kept up with her blog ever since and her Asian travels are giving me itchy feet once again…

Favourite post: Seoul – Soaking up the atmosphere.

Live Learn Venture

Natasha and her husband have been teaching English in Korea for over a year. As I am completely obsessed with that country – three trips in 2015 alone – her posts alleviate a certain misinformed homesickness, which I seem to have developed.

Favourite post: 10 essential phrases for living and teaching in South Korea.

Stories My Suitcase Could Tell

Despite what this post might suggest, my relationship with the travel bloggersphere is one of both love and hate. It’s partially because there are reams of blogposts with a strong aesthetic, a captivating narrative structure and a terrible (lack of) mastery of the English language. Outer-Hebridean Katie, however, is a true storyteller. I keep going back to her blog because her words are an escape into whatever place she’s visiting.

Favourite post: On travel writing and stereotyping the Outer Hebrides. She raises some really valid points and as a fellow Celt from a part of the world viewed more as a travel destination than a habitable domain, I can empathise. Plus I have a bit of a love affair with the Outer Hebrides.

How Far From Home

I’ve been following Chanel and Stevo from (almost) day one, when they left their home in South Africa in favour of a little slice of adventure. Utilising their top-notch photography skills to document their winter wonderland trip around central Europe, they’ve made a blog that indulges wintry pursuits and showcases some of Europe’s most picturesque scenes.

Favourite post: Could this be the best job in the world? In which they become husky puppy walkers in Norway. Fur reals.

A little extra:  Iceland photo diary: Northern Lights and Golden Circle

Those are just some of my favourite travel bloggers! Share yours in the comments below; I’m always on the hunt for more. x


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