Spending #MyWorldGinDay in Gdansk, Poland

Come a lil’ closer and I’ll let you in on a secret; namely a desire to bounce from country to country, unfettered by time constraints and following my nose to the nearest cocktail.

Ok, that was no secret whatsoever. My apologies. The pursuit of pleasure is my lifeblood and nothing – not ‘hand luggage only’ nor social conventions about drinking alone in the morning – will stop me.


Perhaps that solid determination for all things hedonistic could explain how I’ve found myself kicking back on the Gdansk seafront, spending #MyWorldGinDay sipping on a Caorunn (pronounced ‘ka-roon’) cocktail and mulling over the utter shitstorm that’s going on back home. Seriously. What could be more British than starting the day with a stiff gin to take the edge off yet another display of misguided, careerist idiocy from the powers that be?

Ten points if you can guess how I voted…

But less of political turmoil, and more of Polish relaxation.

Just in time to save me from my smelling salts and fainting chair, critically acclaimed gin mixologist Tristan Stephenson and the kind folk at Caorunn sent me a summery hamper. I decided to take it with me to Poland.



Considering the nation’s bibulous reputation, some might find it appropriate that I brought the gin with me. But any discussion of Polish spirits of course centres on the nation’s position in Europe’s ‘Vodka Belt’. Poland may be known for its vodka but I’ll be celebrating #MyWorldGinDay in Gdansk. The seaside city is not defined by its vodka, but its traditional, juniper-rich gin, Jalowcowka.

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I’m only here for 40 hours, so I’d better skedaddle. I’ll be back shortly to fill you in on my tiny Polish adventure.

Be sure to check out #MyWorldGinDay on Instagram and Twitter. Other bloggers will be sharing a number of recipes for delightful-looking gin cocktails.


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