Mid-century finds at Peckham Salvage Yard

If you’re an interiors obsessed Londoner looking for something to do this weekend, head to Peckham Salvage Yard – it’s a treasure trove of reasonably priced, high quality, genuine vintage furniture.

Peckham Salvage Yard Arts End of Nowhere

Peckham Salvage Yard Arts End of Nowhere 2

As someone with a penchant for reclaimed furniture but lacking in arsedness-to-travel, it’s quite a shame that I’m based so cruelly far from the esteemed Hackney Flea Market. It’s a gathering of handpicked purveyors of mid-century furniture, records, salvaged French homewares, vintage threads, and general curiosities. Or, to put it another way, bric-a-brac for the post-hipster generation who’ve grown up and seek substance from their interior decor.

Peckham Salvage Yard Arts End of Nowhere 3

Above: detail of the Love Litter stall, from which I purchased a pristine, mid-century coffee table (seen at the end of the post). 

You can imagine my joy, then, when I accidentally stumbled across HFM’s south London sister, Peckham Salvage Yard, last year. I went to Copeland Park for a coffee but came out with a 70s side table and three glorious metal dining chairs.

I’ve been looking forward to this one for an embarrassingly long time. Despite being much quieter than last time, Peckham Salvage Yard still delivered. So much so, in fact, that I’m heading down again tomorrow.

Peckham Salvage Yard Arts End of Nowhere

Peckham Salvage Yard Arts End of Nowhere

My purchases today? Two Vintage In Print photographic prints of Nirvana (some details of which can be seen above); one glass ice bucket with ten sherry glasses from Retro Central; an oak and metal coffee table from Love Litter and one particularly beautiful mid-century side cabinet with sliding doors. Disco, my chinchilla Persian kitten, has somewhat taken to it…

Tile from an artist’s shop in Lisbon. The full photodiary from that particular trip is coming up next week, so subscribe to get it to your inbox. 

My living room is currently in flux, decor-wise; so hopefully I’ll be able to give it a well-deserved fix-up soon…

Entry’s free to Peckham Salvage Yard, and it’s certainly worth a visit!

A little extra:  Eddie Vedder and I have these 9 songs on repeat

Sat 4th – Sun 5th March 2017, 11am- 6pm
Copeland Gallery, 133 Copeland Road, London, SE15 3SN


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