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As a freelance content writer…

Arts End of Nowhere - work with me

I work freelance as a content writer for cultural and artistic brands. I’ve got a portfolio hidden away behind locked doors in a mystery section of this site (ooh!), and access is available upon request. My rates are affordable and I have fun with what I do, so let’s talk!

As a blogger…

So you want to work with me as a blogger? Great! I’d love to hear from you. But before you get in touch, please read the following.

Press releases

Like everyone else, I receive a large number of emails every day. While I give feedback to everyone individually, I tend not to respond to mass mail outs unless they’re of significant interest to me. So if you send me a blanket press release and I don’t respond, it’s a no goer.

Guest posts

To the majority: I’m happy to work with you on a shared post, but I will write what is finally uploaded to Arts End of Nowhere. I’ve got a particular writing style and I want to keep it that way.

To the one-in-a-million superstar writers: Show me some of your typical copy and if it compliments the general Arts End of Nowhere tone of voice, we can plan a guest post together.

Sponsored posts

As long as they’re relevant to my readers, I accept sponsored posts. Rates depend on the opportunity at hand.


I’m not going to enter a contest by writing a post, simple as. I don’t enter competitions as a blogger at all. I’ve not hosted a contest before because the perfect one has never presented itself to me, but I might be open to one in the future. Might. How’s that for non-committal?


I’m up for most art, design, food or travel-related events as long as they’re held in London at a time I can commit to. If they’re just outside of London, let’s talk; but if they’re really far, I’ll only be able to attend if you front the travel expenses.


This is a funny one. I get lots of offers for products and I suppose it makes me the atypical blogger to turn them down. It’s as simple as this: I write about travel and culture. Experiences, not things. That’s not to pooh-pooh all the hard work of lifestyle and beauty bloggers; but it’s just not what I’m about. In a similar vein, I don’t sign up to affiliate programmes.

If I haven’t put you off completely and you still think your product is spot on for Arts End of Nowhere, do send it to me and I’ll consider it for review – as long as it fits in with the rest of the content on the site. I can’t guarantee coverage (if I like it, I’ll write about it. If not, I won’t) and all mentions will be in the context of my own truthful opinion. Am I about to screw you over? Hell no; I used to work in PR and I wouldn’t want to do that. That’s why I don’t write about the things I don’t like. Sending one less headache out into the universe and all that.

If you want to make absolutely damn sure your product is featured on Arts End of Nowhere, let’s chat about a sponsored post. Scroll up…


I don’t run banner advertising on Arts End of Nowhere. Again, it’s because I started this as a personal blog and I want to keep it that way.

Arts End of Nowhere - work with me

Ok, now we’ve got all that out of the way, let’s chat. Find me at (though I always like to meet up with people in person if they’re London-based).


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